11th May, 2017

What is a Retina Surgeon?

At California Retina Associates, our experienced doctors have a track record of providing high-quality eye care to residents of the San Diego area. Our retina surgeons can address a wide range of vision problems using safe, proven procedures.

If you’re trying to learn more about our office or about your options, you might have a few basic questions. One of them serves as the title to this post. What is a retina surgeon? What does a retina surgeon do?

These are good questions. Let’s start by talking a bit about your retina. The retina is simply a layer of light-sensitive cells at the back of your eye. Light strikes the retina, and your retina, in turn, converts that light into neural signals and sends them to your brain.

A retina surgeon specializes in performing surgical procedures that target conditions affecting the retina. These conditions include:

Becoming a retina surgeon requires hard work and years of specialized experience. This includes completing medical school, an internship and specialized residencies and fellowships. This means you can trust in the experience and training of our doctors.

Retina surgery is exceptionally sensitive and complicated work. Fortunately, our retina surgeons have a proven track record of doing great work for our patients.

If you live in or around San Diego, California and you want a retina surgeon you can trust, please call California Retina Associates today at 619-425-7755.

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