12th Mar, 2016

What Causes Eye Flashes?

Eye flashes are just what they sound like – flashes of light or the appearance of “stars” in the vision. Eye flashes are common with age and may increase as you get older, and are typically not a cause for alarm. However, a sudden onset of flashes may indicate a retinal tear or detachment and should be brought to the attention of one of our San Diego retina specialists right away.

Floaters and flashes may simply be a product of aging. As vitreous jelly shrinks, floaters in particular are very common. Flashes occur when shrinking vitreous gel pulls on the retina, causing a lightning-like flash to cross the vision. These may be more noticeable in low-light conditions, but they can occur at any time of the day. If flashes are accompanied by a decline in central vision or darkness along the periphery, it is essential that you contact our Chula Vista or El Centro office as soon as possible to schedule a treatment consultation. When caught early on, these issues can often be treated before complete vision loss occurs.

The San Diego ophthalmologists at California Retina Associates utilize advanced diagnostic tools to detect issues that may cause eye flashes. If you are experiencing a sudden onset of flashes or if you have begun to notice changes in your vision, please contact us online or call (619) 425-7755 or (760) 352-7755 to schedule an appointment right away.

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