15th Jun, 2019

Sun Safety: How to Protect Your Eyes

Eye CareA good, high-quality pair of sunglasses isn’t just going to make you look like a movie star every time you step out of your house, but they are also going to offer your eyes some serious protection. Even though it’s practically summer all year long in California, now that the actual summer is here, you’re probably going to be spending more and more time outdoors. Whether you have big plans to chase around your kids, grandkids, or spend time enjoying some sun, it’s essential that you have a good pair of sunglasses. But what should you look for when you’re buying a new pair?



Those sunglasses on sale at the gas station may look pretty nice and have an excellent price tag to go with them, but they may not have UVA and UVB protection .because these are two types of damaging rays, you want to make sure that your sunglasses are offering you the right protection.


Large Lenses

Skinny shaped sunglasses may be coming back in style, but the larger your frames are, the more coverage you are going to get. When you have sunglass lenses that cover all around the eyes including above and below them, you are less likely to get any sun damage. Plus, the skin around your eyes is really delicate, so you want to make sure that you’re babying it.


Prescription Strength

Don’t’ be that person who has to carry around 27 pairs of glasses so that you can switch from your glasses to your readers to your sunglasses. Instead, invest in a pair that does it all for you. With so many beautiful pairs of prescription strength sunglasses out here, there’s no reason why you should have to have multiple pairs of glasses. Plus, you can get lenses that adjust to the light, so you never have to switch them out.


Finding the perfect pair of shades will help you keep your vision protected. To learn some more, contact our Chula Vista office and call us at 619.425.7755.

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