Accommodating IOLs

What are Accommodating IOLs?

accommodating iols san diego caLike multifocal IOLs, accommodating lenses expand the range of focus to both near and far, but they do this is a different fashion. Accommodating IOLs have what are called “haptics” on the ends. These supporting legs hold the IOL in place inside the eye. These haptics are flexible and they allow the accommodating IOL to move forward slightly when you look at near objects, which increases the focusing power of the eye enough to provide good near vision.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Accommodating IOLs?

Like multifocal IOLs, if you have been near- or farsighted, these lenses will remove the need for eyeglasses. Accommodating lenses provide exceptionally clear distance vision, of the quality of a single vision monofocal IOL. They may not provide the same level of magnification as multifocal IOLs for near vision, but these will still significantly reduce the need for reading or computer glasses.

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