15th May, 2016

Outdoor Risk Factors for Vision Loss

Here in San Diego, altitude is not such a worry. However, as many Californians like to travel to higher elevations – both in our state and beyond – it is important to remember that the higher you go in altitude, the bigger your risk for UV damage to the eyes. Likewise, traveling closer to the equator increases risks for damage to unprotected eyes.

In addition to elevation and equatorial locations, open spaces – including beaches – and reflective surfaces, like sand and water, increase risks for UV damage to eyes. For these reasons and more, our San Diego retina specialists strongly encourage you to wear broad-spectrum UV protection sunglasses whenever going outside during the day.

Excessive sun exposure is a known risk factor for a number of vision stealing disorders including:

Sunglasses are the best way to reduce your risks of these disease if you choose to spend time outside during the day.

Be Wary of Gas Station Sunglasses

To protect your eyes against sun damage, you need sunglasses that block both UV and HEV radiation. This means that paying a little extra for sunglasses is probably in your best interests.

While cheaper sunglasses can make it easier to see in the sunlight, they can also increase risks for retinal damage. Placing dark glass over the eyes causes the pupil to dilate. Unless the glass is treated to prevent UVA/UVB and HEV rays from entering the eye, you risk exposing the retina to even greater amounts of radiation. If you have questions about which type of sunglasses will best meet your needs, our San Diego retina specialists will be happy to address them during your next visit.

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