Chula Vista Ocular Melanoma Treatment

Being diagnosed with ocular melanoma can be overwhelming. Finding the most experienced team to handle the care and management of your case is not only beneficial to your ocular health but also to your peace of mind. The right team will be by your side every step of the way to help treat the disease and preserve your quality of life.

If you are seeking a team to manage your ocular melanoma treatment in Chula Vista or a nearby areas, you could not be in better hands than with California Retina Associates. Our ophthalmologists have devoted their careers to helping people recover from serious eye diseases and preserve their precious eyesight.

Ocular Melanoma Radiation

Radiation therapy is a common ocular melanoma treatment that we recommend to some of our patients. The beams of intense energy can kill cancer cells or stop the melanoma from growing. There are two types of radiation therapy used in cases of ocular melanoma.

The more common type, called plaque radiation, entails attaching tiny radioactive seeds to a disk (plaque) and placing it on the wall of the eye adjacent to the tumor. The plaque remains in place for a few days while it delivers radiation to the tumor. The bottle cap-like design of the plaque prevents the nearby tissue from damage from the radiation. After four to five days, the plaque is removed.

The less common type of radiation therapy is delivered externally via machine. Focused beams of radiation are directed at the tumor with safeguards in place to protect the nearby healthy tissue.

Ocular Melanoma Surgery

Often our Chula Vista ocular melanoma treatment team suggests surgically treating the cancer. Surgery may remove the tumor and a small amount of tissue around the tumor, or it may involve removing the entire eye. In the case of the latter, which is called enucleation, an artificial eye is placed to match the size and color of the other eye.

Other Treatments for Ocular Melanoma

Other ocular melanoma treatments are currently being trialed to determine whether they may be better than the current standards. Our ophthalmologists are committed to staying abreast of all the advances in ocular melanoma treatment and offering those that have been found safe and effective.

Ocular Melanoma Treatment Imperial Beach, Eastlake and Bonita

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