La Mesa Macular Degeneration Treatment

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of vision loss in this country. Unfortunately, there is no proven cure for the disease. However, the experts at California Retina Associates are extremely well-versed in the management and treatment of macular degeneration. With our help, you can avoid losing vision to the disease and enjoy a great quality of life.

Our La Mesa macular degeneration treatment team recommends a few things to manage AMD.

Nutritional Supplementation

We believe that nutritional supplementation can be helpful for individuals with the “dry” (or less-serious) form of macular degeneration. Nutritional supplements may be particularly help for those that develop yellow deposits called drusen under the retina. Although nutritional supplements won’t cure AMD, it is thought that they can lower the risk of early stage AMD developing into the later stages of “wet” AMD.

Doctors recommend supplements containing the following:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Copper
  • Zinc

Foods high in these nutrients, such as dark, leafy greens and other colorful vegetables and fruits, are also encouraged.

Anti-VEGF Drugs

One of the ways to help treat wet AMD is through special medications known as anti-VEGF drugs. VEGF is a protein that stimulates the development of abnormal blood vessels. Anti-VEGF drugs like Avastin inhibit this protein to slow down or eliminate the development of these blood vessels. These medications are injected directly into the eye through a thin needle.

Upon meeting our La Mesa macular degeneration treatment team, we can tell you whether anti-VEGF drugs are recommended for your set of circumstances.

Laser Treatment

Another way that our team can help treat cases of wet AMD where abnormal blood vessels are leaking blood and fluid is through laser surgery. Our ophthalmologists will aim a laser light beam at the leaking blood vessels and use the laser to seal them off and slow their development.

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy combines a light-activated drug with a low power light beam to seal off leaking blood vessels. The drug is injected into the bloodstream, where it travels to the blood vessels in the retina and attaches to molecules that are common in rapidly growing cells like those in the abnormal blood vessels. The laser light is then aimed at the blood vessels and activates the drug, which damages the vessels.

Normally, several treatments are required to see the desired results.

Macular Degeneration Treatment Santee, El Cajon, and Spring Valley

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