El Centro Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is an eye disorder that threatens the optic nerve, which carries information from the eye to the brain. If left untreated glaucoma can lead to peripheral vision loss and even blindness. Unfortunately, a large number of people don’t know they have glaucoma and therefore never get treated. They don’t realize they have a problem until they start losing vision.

If you are experiencing changes in your vision or have already been diagnosed with glaucoma, California Retina Associates is here to help. Our trusted El Centro glaucoma treatment providers will select the medication and/or procedures that give you the best chance of preserving your vision.

Glaucoma Eyedrops

Most patients diagnosed with glaucoma are prescribed at least one type of medicated eyedrops. This is the least invasive type of glaucoma treatment but requires strict compliance to be successful.

Some glaucoma eyedrops are intended to reduce the amount of fluid the eye produces; others improve the filtration of fluid from the eye. A third category of drops does both.

Certain eyedrops interfere with other types of medicines, or have the potential to cause unwanted side effects. Our doctors will work carefully with you to determine the right eyedrops or combination of drops most likely to control your glaucoma. You will have to take the eyedrops indefinitely (i.e., for the rest of your life).

Laser Glaucoma Surgery

It is not always possible to manage glaucoma with eyedrops alone. Sometimes patients cannot tolerate eyedrops or the drops do not sufficiently control intraocular pressure. Surgical treatment may be needed to control intraocular pressure and prevent damage to the optic nerve.

Our El Centro glaucoma treatment team frequently incorporates the use of a laser in glaucoma surgery. In laser trabeculoplasty, we use a laser beam to create small openings in the drainage angle to increase the amount of aqueous fluid that exits the eye, thereby reducing intraocular pressure. In laser iridotomy, we use a laser to create an opening in the iris to improve the outflow of fluid. In this approach, fluid bypasses its normal route.

Traditional Glaucoma Surgery

If medication and laser glaucoma surgery fail to lower intraocular pressure, or a patient is not well suited to laser therapy, our doctors may recommend traditional glaucoma surgery. With trabeculectomy and trabeculotomy, we create incisions in the eye’s drainage system to improve the outflow of fluid. In the iridectomy procedure, we remove a small piece of the iris to improve fluid outflow.

Nowadays, many glaucoma treatment specialists are surgically implanting special devices like shunts or stents into the eye to help fluid exit. These tiny tubes create an alternative channel for fluid to escape from the eye. The fluid completely bypasses the clogged or blocked drainage angle. There are a number of shunts and implants that have been approved by the FDA and are currently in use.

Glaucoma Treatment Mexicali, Calexico, Yuma, AZ

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Our internationally recognized ophthalmologists are the doctors of choice for those that do not want to lose precious vision to glaucoma or other eye diseases.

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