11th Apr, 2016

Exfoliative Glaucoma

Exfoliative glaucoma, also known as pseudoexfoliation, occurs when protein accumulates in the drainage system and other areas of the eye. Unique among open-angle glaucoma, patients diagnosed with pseudoexfoliation may require a more aggressive treatment program that includes several modalities and more frequent treatment intervals. During your glaucoma treatment consultation at one of our San Diego area offices, our ophthalmologists can help you determine how often you will need to return for follow-up services.

Symptoms of Exfoliative Glaucoma

Exfoliative glaucoma is a type of open-angle glaucoma. As such, it may not produce any symptoms until vision loss has already occurred. To help prevent vision loss caused by open-angle glaucoma, it is important that you maintain routine eye exams, especially as you age.

A gene abnormality has been identified as the biggest risk factor for exfoliative glaucoma. This abnormality is more common in people from Russia, Greece, the Mediterranean, India, and Nordic countries, but anyone can develop this or another type of glaucoma. Even if you are not at high risk it is a good idea to maintain routine eye exams that allow for early detection and proper treatment of glaucoma in all its forms.

If you have begun to notice changes to your vision, please contact California Retina Associates to schedule an appointment right away. Our San Diego retina specialists serve men and women living throughout the San Diego Valley at our locations in El Centro and Chula Vista.

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