10th Jul, 2014

Diabetic Macular Edema Symptoms

Diabetic macular edema occurs when fluid or blood vessels in the macula begin to leak, resulting in a swelling of the retina. This eye disease can cause progressive vision loss and eventual blindness if not treated. If you suspect you are suffering vision loss from this condition, please call our Chula Vista office at 619-425-7755 or our El Centro office at 760-352-7755 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced eye doctors.

Symptoms of diabetic macular edema include:

  • Blurred or warped vision
  • Loss of color definition or visual contrast
  • Floaters
  • Blind spots
  • Double vision

In its earliest stages diabetic macular edema may not produce any symptoms at all. This is why our Chula Vista retina specialists recommend visiting one of our offices with greater frequency if you are living with diabetes. Early detection allows for swift treatment, helping prevent serious issues such as diabetic vision loss.

The eye doctors at California Retina Associates offer a number of treatments and therapies for treating diabetic eye disease. If problems are detected during your routine examination we will discuss all of your options to help you choose the treatment best suited to protect your long-term visual health.

To learn more about preventing and detecting diabetic eye disease, please contact California Retina Associates today. We serve the San Diego area from our offices in Chula Vista and El Centro.

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