The treatment of glaucoma is intended to reduce the spike in intraocular pressure that can damage the optic nerve. Any damage that has already occurred cannot be undone, but with prompt treatment, further damage can be delayed or prevented, helping guard against complete vision loss.

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States. Because symptoms of glaucoma may not be present until irreversible vision loss has occurred, it is important that you know the risk factors involved in this disorder. California Retina Associates offers comprehensive glaucoma treatment in San Diego when the disease is detected.

During your regularly scheduled visits, our eye doctors can examine your eyes for early indications of glaucoma. When detected early, we can often use noninvasive treatments to lower eye pressure and protect your vision well into the future.

Eye Drops

Our first line of defense against glaucoma is always prescription eye drops to reduce intraocular pressure by helping fluid outflow and/or decreasing the amount of fluid the eye produces. We offer advanced and effective eye drop options, including:

  • Prostaglandins – Work by relaxing muscles in the eye’s interior chamber to allow for uninterrupted aqueous fluid draining
  • Beta-blockers, alpha-adrenergic agonists, and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors – Work by reducing the eye’s aqueous fluid production
  • Parasympathomimetics – Work by increasing the outflow of aqueous fluid from the eye
  • Epinephrine – Works by both lowering aqueous fluid production and increasing outflow from the eye
  • Hyperosmotic agents – May be used as a one-time emergency treatment to significantly lower fluid in the eye

Many of these eye drops are used in combination. The exact combination that is right for you is best determined by one of the internationally respected ophthalmologists at California Retina Associates.

San Diego Glaucoma Surgery

While most forms of glaucoma can be controlled with eye drops and oral medications, it is not always possible to avoid surgical treatment. Surgical treatment may be accomplished through:

  • Laser trabeculoplasty or iridotomy – These procedures use a laser to create tiny holes in either the area of your eye where the cornea and iris meet or the iris area alone to increase outflow of aqueous fluid.
  • Trabeculectomy or trabeculotomy – These procedures require a small surgical incision be made in the drainage system of the eye to increase fluid outflow. With a trabeculectomy, a small portion of your eye’s drainage system will be removed as well.
  • Iridectomy – This procedure involves the removal of a small piece of the iris to support an even flow of fluid.
  • Shunts and/or stents – Inserted into the eye during trabeculoplasty, shunts and stents help increase the outflow of aqueous fluid and greatly decrease intraocular pressure.

With or without surgical intervention, you will most likely need to use prescription eye drops for the rest of your life. Glaucoma cannot be cured, it can only be slowed. Our eye doctors will discuss this with you and answer any questions about glaucoma that you may have during your office visit.

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