15th Jan, 2015

Chronic High Blood Pressure and Glaucoma

According to a new study, chronic hypertension (high blood pressure) increases risks for glaucoma in older patients. The study, published in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, used data gathered from large populations of glaucoma patients to determine the impact chronic hypertension had on the progression of the disease. Interestingly, researchers found that younger patients with hypertension actually saw a temporary decline in ocular pressure. However, with age, this minor benefit shifts to a significant risk factor.

The San Diego ophthalmologists at California Retina Associates encourage patients with high blood pressure to take necessary steps to keep this condition under control. More frequent eye examinations are also important when you suffer from hypertension. These allow your eye doctor to detect glaucoma in its earliest stages – oftentimes before any symptoms occur. Glaucoma treatment is most successful when the condition is caught early on.

If symptoms of glaucoma such as eye pain, cloudy vision, or halos around lights occur in between visits, it is best to contact us immediately to schedule an examination and treatment consultation.

If you are experiencing any changes in vision, please contact California Retina Associates to schedule an examination today. We maintain offices in Chula Vista and El Centro to better serve people living throughout the San Diego area.

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