15th Nov, 2019

Benefits of Different Upgraded Lens Implants

If you suffer from cataracts and are looking for treatment options, California Retina Associates has you covered. In years past, cataract patients were limited in their options of artificial lenses but that isn’t true anymore. Intraocular lens implant (IOL) are artificial lenses implanted in the eye after removing your natural, cloudy lens during cataract surgery. With today’s technology, you can actually upgrade your vision with your cataract surgery. Here are some of the IOLs we offer and what each of their benefits are.

Multifocal IOLs

Multifocal IOLs are great for patients who are nearsighted or farsighted. These IOLs may not completely eliminate the need for corrective lenses at all times, but they have been shown to significantly reduce the need for glasses or contacts.

Accommodating IOLs

Similarly, to multifocal IOLs, accommodating lenses are beneficial to near- or farsighted patients and will reduce the need for eyeglasses. Accommodating lenses provide exceptionally clear distance vision but don’t provide the same level of near vision as multifocal IOLs do. That being said, you will still probably not need reading or computer glasses as much as you did prior to your surgery.

Though multifocal IOLs are similar to accommodating lenses, accommodating lenses have “haptics” on the ends. These “haptics” are flexible and allow the IOL to move forward slightly when you look at near objects, increasing the focusing power of the eye to provide good close-up vision.

Toric IOLs

Toric IOLs are specifically to help patients with astigmatism. They are among the newer forms of premium IOLs. In addition to astigmatism, Toric lenses also help with nearsightedness and farsightedness. The use of these lenses has changed the way those patients with astigmatism see following cataract surgery. Prior to Toric lenses, small incisions were made at opposite ends of the cornea to create the more spherical shape those without astigmatism have.

There are obviously benefits for opting for these premium IOLs during your cataract surgery. They do generally cost more but deliver amazing results that may be worth looking into. Think of it this way, you won’t have to worry about glasses or other prescriptions nearly as often as you were before. If you have more questions about IOLs or other concerns regarding cataract surgery, schedule an appointment with us here.

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