26th Mar, 2014

Asking your Ophthalmologist about Symptoms

Certain vision or eye changes can signal problems, although the only way to determine if there is a problem is to have your eyes examined by an experienced ophthalmologist. No matter what the symptom or change, you should schedule an exam for anything about which you are concerned, and anytime you have questions about your vison.

Symptoms you should ask your ophthalmologist about include:

Sudden onset of flashes or floaters
Cloudy vision
Double vision
Blind spot in central vision
Fading or yellowing of colors
Sensitivity to light
Halos around lights
Eye pain
Red, swollen eyes

These are some of the common symptoms of a wide range of retina and vision disorders such as retinal detachment and macular degeneration. Don’t be alarmed if you are experiencing one of these symptoms, but you should schedule an exam with us right away so we can help you determine the cause.

Annual eye exams are very important because they allow your ophthalmologist or other eye doctor to examine you for early signs of vision problems. But it’s also important to schedule an eye appointment anytime you are concerned about your eyes or vision.

If you are experiencing vision problems or changes and would like a comprehensive consultation to discuss your vision and eye health, please contact California Retina Associates today. Our experienced greater San Diego ophthalmologists have offices in Chula Vista and El Centro, CA.


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