Symptoms of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

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Age-related macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of vision loss in people over the age of 50. At first, this condition may be asymptomatic – noticeable only through minor changes detected during your routine eye examinations. The progression of macular degeneration can be slowed, but the disorder cannot be treated. This makes early detection through routine eye exams one of the best ways to protect your vision well into the future.

If you have begun to notice changes to your vision, please contact California Retina Associates online or by calling our Chula Vista office at (619) 425-7755 or our El Centro office at (760) 352-7755 to schedule an examination today.

Symptoms of AMD

Symptoms of AMD may include:

  • Distortion of straight lines
  • Central vision distortion
  • Blurred or darkened central vision
  • Visual white out
  • Diminished color sensitivity and perception

Any changes in central vision may indicate AMD and should be brought to the immediate attention of one of our San Diego retina specialists. While age-related macular degeneration cannot be treated, some options can be utilized to slow its progression and preserve your vision.

Treating AMD

Our eye doctors offer the most advanced age-related macular degeneration treatments available and work individually with each patient to ensure the most effective solutions are provided. Treatment may include:

  • Nutritional changes
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Laser therapy
  • Sight saving Anti-VEGF medications

In many cases these treatments are used in combination for optimal results. What will be required in your particular case is best determined during your AMD treatment consultation at one of our San Diego area eye care centers.

To schedule your AMD treatment evaluation with one of our board-certified San Diego eye surgeons, please send us an email or call one of our offices today. We welcome patients living throughout the San Diego area at our offices in El Centro and Chula Vista.

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