Symptoms of Retinal Detachment

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Many cases of retinal detachment follow an initial vitreous detachment, making it important to know the symptoms of the latter disorder. The primary symptoms of vitreous detachment are:

  • Floaters – clumps, dots, strings, or dark specks floating in your field of vision
  • Flashers – lights or sparks when you move your eyes or head

Both floaters and flashers can be indications of numerous eye diseases and disorders. As soon as notice one of these issues, it is important that you contact the experienced eye doctors at California Retina Associates for a comprehensive eye examination.

Retinal Detachment Symptoms

While the symptoms of vitreous detachment may serve as an early warning sign of retinal detachment, a sudden onset of several floaters is often a clear indication. If you experience this condition, please call 619-425-7755 or 760-352-7755 to speak to the eye care experts at California Retina Associates right away.

In addition to an abrupt shower of floaters, symptoms of retinal detachment may include:

  • Sudden vision loss
  • A shadow or curtain effect beginning in the periphery of your visual filed and gradually affecting more of your eye

A sudden loss of vision is a medical emergency and may require immediate retinal detachment treatment to help prevent a permanent loss of vision.

Why Choose California Retina Associates

As one of only a select number of practices focusing on retinal disorders, the eye doctors at California Retina Associates are uniquely equipped to detect and treat retinal detachment. Our doctors are nationally recognized for both their research and work in diseases and disorders effecting the retina and vitreous, and use state-of-the-art technology and surgical procedures to help ensure the best possible results for all of our patients.

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of retinal detachment, please contact California Retina Associates to schedule an appointment at either our San Diego or El Centro office today.

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