Diabetic Retinopathy Complications

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Diabetic retinopathy can include any disorder of the retina caused by diabetes and is the leading cause of vision loss for americans under 65. If you have diabetes, visiting your eye doctor regularly becomes increasingly important. The San Diego retina specialists at our office can assess your specific needs and help you determine, if any damage has occurred, if it needs treatment and how often you should be seen and will communicate the findings with your primary medical doctor.

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There are two major types of diabetic retinopathy:

  • Proliferative – this type of diabetic retinopathy occurs when new blood vessels form in the retina. Complications caused by proliferative retinopathy include vitreous hemorrhage, neovascular glaucoma and retinal detachment

  • Nonproliferative – this type of diabetic retinopathy occurs when capillaries in the back of the eye form pouches that leak and can block blood vessels. The most common complication from nonproliferative retinopathy is diabetic macular edema

In addition to these complications, patients suffering from diabetic retinopathy are more likely to develop:

  • Glaucoma – risks for glaucoma are increased 40 percent in people with diabetes. This risk increases with age

  • Cataracts – risks for cataracts increase 60 percent in people with diabetes. Moreover, it is common for diabetics to experience lens clouding much earlier in life than those without the disease

Diabetic retinopathy treatment is often successful the earlier the treatment is instituted, and can prevent further complications. A combination of laser, medicine and surgery may be needed. What is best for your needs can be determined during your treatment evaluation at California Retina Associates.

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